Sunday, October 7, 2007

One Piece Crocheted Potholders

A few of the One Piece Pot Holders I've made, These are so easy, they can be done in less than and hour. Changing colors is still a little tricky for me, but the more I do the easier it gets
It can always be done with just one color as well.

The patters is as follows:


You can use any kind of yarn. Once you make a few, you can put stripes in and use two or three different colors. You can use varigated yarns too. Just make sure it is washable so you can wash them when you wash your kitchen towels. AND WHEN YOU CHANGE COLORS OF YARN, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT ON THE SIDE WHERE IT WILL BE FOLDED INTO A SQUARE SO IT WON'T SHOW.

USE a size H-8 crochet hook

You can make a variety of sizes. The size depends on how may stitches you begin with.
SINGLE " 46 A MEDIUM SIZED. Nice size to set your plate from the microwave on after heating up left-overs.

DIRECTIONS: Single crochet the number of stitches for the sized potholder you want. If these sizes are too big, just use fewer stitches. You have an odd number of stitches as the odd stitch is the turning stitch. You single crochet in the 2nd stitch from the end on the outside, single thread, going back towards your first stitch. When you get to the 1st stitch, just go right on single crocheting on the other half of your first row, in the single thread on the first row on the other side. Now you have three rows of crocheting.

You just keep on single crocheting BUT NOW YOU WILL SINGLE CROTCHET IN BOTH OF THE THREADS OF EACH SINGLE CROTCHET, going around and around and around. You will notice after you have done a few rows (5, 6 or 7) that there is alittle tip beginning to turn in at two opposite ends. This is the beginning of your square. Turn these two points as they will be the inside of your potholder. This puts your beginning tail on the inside. Keep single crocheting until you have a square, square.

How you know when you are square. You will need to work it, stretch the corners, press the rows flat with your fingers to make it lay flat to do the measuring for a square, square. Lay your potholder out square and fold it in a TRIANGLE using two corners, do the corners match, or is one alittle lower than the other? Start with a flat square and then fold it into another TRIANGLE USING THE OTHER TWO CORNERS. If it is square, you will know it, if not you may need to do one or two more rows to make it square, square.

Now you are ready to close it up. You stopped at a corner. If you want a hanging potholder, do 10 single crotchets now. Measure off how much yarn you need to close up the pot holder. lay the last stitch at the corner, take your yarn down to the other end of the triangle, and back up to your beginning point, then go down about half way, cut and you are ready to sew it up.

Use a big eyed, blunt point needle. You can get these at JoAnne's or Michael's, they come in a pack of two and sometimes they have plastic ones. I use the metal ones as the plastic bend some times. Thread your needle. With your needle threaded, put it thru the last stitch you made and pull it tight. This will form a knot. Now go thru the top stitch from the inside towards the outside. This will put your thread on the outside of the potholder.
Flatten out and square up your potholder. Line two stitches across from each other. If you put a hanger on it, make sure the hanger is sticking out the top. Take your needle and go thru the first two stitched that are side by side. Then go thru the next two stitches, guiding the tail of your yarn to cross over the first stitch. Continue until it is closed. put your needle in a hole close to the end and thread it out about an inch up on the pot holder. Go in one stitch and out the next going the same direction as the stitch several time to use up your yarn tail and to secure the yarn as to not ravel out. Cut off tail and WAALA, you have a pot holder.


Lynn said...

I am having trouble understanding this. Do you skip a single crochet at each end, because I'm finding that just continually going around is causing it to end up being like an envelope and going straight up. My mother-in-law has some of these that her late daughter made so I don't want to take one apart to try to figure out. If this is the same pattern when you close it goes in the middle of potholder diagonally. Can you please let me know if this is the same one? If so can you help me understand it better. Thanks

cntryldy52 said...

You have an extra sc at the end, this is the turning sc. Yes, it does look like an envelope. but it you fold in the sides of the envelope, you will see it starts to fold over on itself. Yes sounds like this is the same pattern. Good luck.

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